Ockham Links

May 2016 - King's Fund

In May 2016 the King’s Fund published a report on leadership within the NHS entitled “The Chief Executive’s Tale”. One of twelve past Chief Executive’s telling their story was Ben Gowland, Director of Ockham Healthcare and previous CCG Chief Executive. The full report can be found on the King’s fund website here

March 2016 – Health Services Journal

In March 2016 Ben Gowland was commissioned by the HSJ to write a summary of our first White Paper “Five Years to the End of General Practice?”. This appeared under the headline “General practice may have only five years to live” and can be found here

February 2016 – The Astellas Innovation Debate

In February 2016 Ben Gowland was asked to write a blog as part of the Astellas Innovation Debate 2016. Ben’s blog which contains his personal reflections on innovation and the NHS can be found here

February 2016 – Pulse Online

In February 2016 Ockham Healthcare’s first White Paper “Five Years to the End of General Practice?” attracts attention from the professional press. An article published in Pulse Online under the headline “One in three GPs predict closure by 2020 unless seven-day plans are scrapped” can be found here

June 2015 – The Guardian

Ben Gowland writes in the Guardian newspaper about his decision to leave the NHS. The article headlined “Whitehall meddling forced me to quit as an NHS chief executive” was published on 23 June 2015 and can be found here