PCN Plus
Cohort 3 launching 2024

A Professional Development Course for PCN Leaders

Being a leader in general practice is becoming more challenging every day


Early bird discount available for all bookings made before 31 May 2024

General practice is at a transition point.  The 2019 5 year contract has come to an end, the future of PCNs is uncertain, and Integrated Care Systems are prioritising the integration of general practice via the implementation of the Fuller Report.  Practices are struggling to meet the workload and access requirements, and are increasingly coming under financial pressure.

This means those tasked with providing leadership to groups of GP practices, whether within a PCN, a federation, or across an integrated care system are facing a huge challenge.  The need for at scale general practice to support individual member practices, make the most of an increasingly large and disparate workforce, build productive external relationships, and navigate through a constantly changing environment, is making these leadership positions potentially the most challenging roles there are in general practice right now.

There is precious little support available for these leaders.  PCN Plus is a professional development course designed specifically for PCN Clinical Directors, PCN managers, federation leaders and those leading general practice within integrated care systems.  It will help you to develop the skills and understanding you need to be successful in these roles, as well as enable you to become part of a cohort of individuals in a similar position to learn from and with together.  

Who is PCN Plus for?

If you are a PCN Clinical Director, a senior leader within a PCN, a leader of a GP federation or have leadership responsibility for general practice within an ICS seeking training and development support to better undertake the role, then this course is for you.  It is specifically designed for leaders of at-scale general practice to better understand the requirements of their role, how to cope with it, how to prioritise, how to navigate through all the challenges, and most importantly how to make it a success.  

What outcomes will the course achieve?

This course will provide expert input and teaching, as well as increasing your network of support from the other general practice leaders learning alongside you.  It is specifically designed to help you to:

  1. Develop your understanding of the environment you are operating within
  2. Agree a vision, and clarify and articulate the reasons for working at-scale
  3. Put an effective medium term strategy in place
  4. Build member practice engagement in the organisation 
  5. Make the most of the opportunity of the additional PCN roles
  6. Establish a robust financial strategy
  7. Improve and strengthen your delivery ability
  8. Develop productive external relationships 
  9. Understand and capitalise on integrated neighbourhood teams
  10. Strengthen the voice of general practice within the local system
  11. Improve your chairing, facilitation  and conflict resolution skills
  12. Create a succession plan for the future
  13. Learn from the experiences of others in similar roles

What is on the course and how does it work?

The programme will start in June 2024 and run until March 2025.  Each month there is a live 2 hour teaching and learning session that will take place on a Thursday evening from 7-9pm.  These sessions will cover the following areas:

Session 1 Understanding Integrated Care & Operating within the new system

Understanding different levels of integrated working 

  • Level 1: Between general practice
  • Level 2: Networks collaborating with networks
  • Level 3:Primary care networks and wider community health services
  • Level 4: Primary care networks/ Networks of Networks and hospital/social care services
  • Understanding your network’s maturity
Thursday 13th June 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 2 Vision and Strategy

  • The importance of establishing a vision
  • How to agree a vision across practices
  • Agreeing, clarifying and communicating role
  • Using the vision to be build practice engagement
  • Revisiting the vision
  • The future of federations, PCNs and at-scale general practice
  • Building a medium term strategy
Thursday 11th  July 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 3 Engagement and Co-production 

Building a golden thread between practices, PCNs and at-scale general practice

  • All practice meetings
  • Making decisions
  • Creating effective communication channels
  • Working with disengaged practices
  • PCN and federation relationships
Thursday 8th August 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 4 Financial principles 

  • Understanding the income streams
  • Practice funded or ICB funded?
  • Prioritising expenditure
  • Budget setting
  • At-scale viability vs practice finances
  • Managing over and underspend 
  • Financial planning 
Thursday 12th September 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 5 Workforce

  • Building effective support teams for general practice
  • ARRS Recruitment and retention
  • Clinical supervision and line management
  • Team building
  • Hosting multi-disciplinary/multi-agency teams
Thursday 10th October 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 6 Business management, operations and productivity

  • Delivering benefits of at-scale working
  • Creating delivery plans
  • Implementing change
  • Project management
  • Monitoring performance
Thursday 14th November 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 7 Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

  • Understanding integrated care and operating in the new system
  • Learning from others
  • Building productive relationships with other providers
  • Hosting integrated neighbourhood teams
  • What’s working well
  • Areas for development
Thursday 12th December 2024

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 8  Data, Digital and Transformation 

  • Understanding the difference between digital, data and transformation
  • Identifying your data sources 
  • Getting clear on the problem you are trying to solve 
  • Presenting and positioning your information to maximise engagement 
  • Using data to drive continuous improvement 
Thursday 9th January 2025

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 9 Building General Practice Influence within the system

  • Joint working across PCNs, federations and LMCs
  • Establishing an executive function
  • Setting priorities
  • Representation process
  • Creating a single point of access
Thursday 13th February 2025

7.00 – 9.00PM

Session 10 Personal leadership and Resilience Skills

  • Understanding strengths and weaknesses
  • Chairing and facilitation
  • Creating a complementary leadership team
  • Internal versus external focus
  • Managing conflict
  • Personal resilience
  • Creating a succession plan
Thursday 13th March 2025

7.00 – 9.00PM



As well as the live monthly sessions participants will receive a range of additional resources, information and useful materials, as well as access to an exclusive membership community only for programme participants.  

Who will deliver the course?

Experienced PCN Clinical Directors Dr Hussain Gandhi and Dr Andy Foster from eGPLearning, Ben Gowland, former NHS Chief Executive and host of the General Practice Podcast, and Tara Humphrey, an experienced PCN Manager and host of the Business of Healthcare Podcast have joined forces to bring you PCN Plus.  Together they have a proven track record in leading general practices, primary care services and PCN Networks, and have combined their expertise to bring you a leadership programme that speaks to the heart of the challenges and opportunities you will face as a primary care leader in this changing environment.

Dr Hussain Gandhi

Clinical Director


Ben Gowland

Former NHS Chief Executive

Host of the General Practice Podcast

Dr Andy Foster

GP Partner


Early bird discount available for all bookings made before 31 May 2024

Investment & Registration

  • The cost of the course if £3,000 plus VAT per person. This is reduced to £2500 (plus VAT, per person) if registering before 31st May 2024.

  • When completing our registration form you will have a tentative place on our programme, a formal place will only be confirmed after we have received FULL payment of the course

  • No refunds will be issued after payment is made.

How do I book?

To reserve your place, or if you have any queries about the course, please contact Sarah on pcnplus@outlook.com or use the form to the right.