If you are a CCG and are trying to support the development of general practice in your local area, we can help in 3 different ways:

1. Joint working across practices.

If you are frustrated with the pace of development of general practice locally, and feel like it is not moving in the direction or as quickly as it needs to, we work with whole towns and individual localities within CCGs to support practices explore how they can work together and how they can take a joint approach to tackling the problems they are experiencing. We work directly with the local practices to develop local plans and a strategy for collaborative working that is fully owned by local GPs. We can help – So please contact us now

2. Development of a plan for local general practice

We can help your CCG with the production or improvement of the plan to support and develop local general practice.  We can provide expertise and knowledge of what is working across the country (and what is not!), provide expert capacity to engage and work directly with local practices in the development of the plan, and stimulate new thinking to encourage general practice to play a key role in the emerging new models of care.  For a more detailed discussion of how we can help please contact us now

3. Coaching and mentoring of GP leaders

If you want to provide leadership development support for your GP leaders to help them with the development of general practice operating at scale or the new models of care, we have a range of coaches and mentors experienced in working with senior clinicians.  We will liaise directly with your GP leaders to ensure they are matched with someone who can provide the type and level of support that will add the most value to them. We can help so please contact us now.

“Ben was able to meet with us over a period of time…and help us examine the various possibilities and options. With Ben’s help we realised we had to re-evaluate the basis of our concerns rather than picking a solution off the shelf. We are now progressing with a merger…Ben’s involvement has enabled us to have expertise in managing our situation and learning from others… “

Matt Davies, GP Partner, Riverside Surgery