If you are a GP in a practice that is struggling with the challenges of workload, demand, recruitment or financial pressure (or any combination of these) then we can help in 6 different ways:

1. Practical steps programme.

This programme is specifically designed to help your practice identify and implement the best solutions based on the unique combination of challenges your practice is facing.  We work directly with the GP partners and use our expertise, experience, and knowledge of what has worked elsewhere to help you find the right way forward for your practice.  You can find more information about this 6 month programme here

2. Development of a plan for your GP practice

If what you really want is just to know what actions your practice should be taking right now, to ensure it can thrive into the future, then we can work with you to produce a plan that will contain actions to take straight away, actions to take within the next 3 months, and actions to take within the next year. For a discussion about creating a bespoke plan for your practice, please contact us now.

3. Introduction of new services

If you want to introduce a new service, either on your own or in partnership with other practices, we can lead the development of the business case, support your practice to influence other practices, build relationships with commissioners and other relevant health and social care organisations, and help your practice navigate its way successfully through the system. Or maybe you are lacking the expertise or capacity to respond to bids and requests for new services, even though you know they could benefit the practice.  We can help – please contact us now.

4. New models of care

If your practice is considering joining a new model of care, or entering a partnership with the local community trust or acute trust, we can provide help and advice to make sure your practice gets the best possible outcome. We have wide experience of working in and with CCGs, acute trusts, community trusts and social care, and we can help you build your own relationships in a way that will ensure your practice thrives into the future.so please contact us now.

5. Coaching and mentoring

If what you really need is individual support or advice to help you work through the challenges you are facing, we have a range of qualified coaches and experienced mentors who can help. Get in touch and we can match you with someone right for you. We can match you with someone who is right for you so please contact us now.

6. Access best practice

If what you really want is to know how others are meeting the challenges you face, then we can help.  You can read our book, which contains 16 case studies of innovation and new ways of working in general practice from around the country.  You can listen to our podcast  in which we interview those innovating and doing new things and discover what they have achieved and how they overcame the obstacles along the way.  Equally if you have introduced a change that has made a real difference contact us now and we would love to feature you on our podcast!

“Ben has had a really positive impact on our Practice.  He started with gaining an understanding of the issues by using a comprehensive survey for all our staff.  He then facilitated a “Change Team” … It’s really brought us together and given us the head space to address some tricky problems … highly recommended.”


Karen Eastman, GP Partner, The Brow Medical Centre, Burgess Hill