PCN Plus
Cohort 2 launching 2023

A Professional Development Course for PCN Leaders

Becoming a PCN leader is becoming more difficult everyday.

PCN Plus

Are you a Clinical Director or Senior Leader within a PCN who is...

  • Navigating multiple practices​

  • Increasingly large, disparate workforce

  • Constantly changing requirements

  • Prioritising and facilitating numerous meetings

  • Minimal support or personal development

  • Unsure of what the role requires?

  • Feeling overwhelmed?

  • Trying to reinvigorate the energy across your PCN

  • Looking for practical and specific leadership and management support?

PCN Plus will help you understand what the role entails, how to make it a success, and how to tackle the many challenges that the role brings.

PCN Plus is designed to;

      1. Identify your PCN vision and priorities

      2. Put the support in place that you need

      3. Establish effective boundaries around your role

      4. Improve your chairing, facilitation and conflict resolution skills

      5. Build member practice engagement in the PCN

      6. Make the most of the opportunity of the additional PCN roles

      7. Maximise PCN finances

      8. Manage excessive meeting requests

      9. Develop productive external relationships

      10. Create a succession plan for the future

Who is PCN Plus for?

PCN Clinical Directors

Senior Leaders (within a PCN)

PCN Clinical Directors and Senior Leaders within PCNs have the complexity of;

          • Looking after the needs of individual member practices

          • Leading an increasingly large and disparate workforce

          • Building productive external relationships

          • Keeping abreast of the constantly changing requirements

          • Responding to the incessant requests for meetings

This makes the task of leading a PCN one of the most challenging roles there is in general practice right now.

PCN Plus is for PCN Clinical Directors or Senior Leaders, seeking training and development to better understand the requirements of their role, how to cope with it, how to prioritise, how to navigate the challenges, and most importantly how to make it a success.

PCN Plus | Course Format

Session 1



  • The importance of establishing a vision

  • How to agree on a vision across the PCN

  • What to do next

  • Using the vision to build practice engagement

  • Revisiting the vision

Session 2


Engaging Member Practices

  • Engaging member practices

  • Chairing/managing PCN meetings

  • Making decisions

  • Creating effective communication channels

  • Working with disengaged practices

  • Managing conflict

Session 3


PCN Finances

  • Understanding the income streams

  • Prioritising expenditure

  • Budget setting

  • End of year accounts

Session 4

ARRS Workforce

  • Deciding which roles to employ

  • Recruitment

  • Retention

  • Clinical Supervision and line management

  • Team building

Session 5

Network Operations

  • Creating delivery plans

  • Implementing change

  • Project management

  • Monitoring performance

Session 6


Working With Partners

  • Working with other PCNs

  • Understanding integrated care and operating in the new system

  • Building useful relationships with other providers

  • Handling excessive meeting requests

Session 7


Personal Resilience and Support

  • PCN infrastructure

  • Third party support

  • Management support and the CD/PCN manager relationship

  • Setting boundaries

  • Creating a succession plan

The programme is delivered over six months. Each month there is a live 2-hour teaching and learning session on the sessions outlined above. As well as the live monthly sessions participants will receive a range of additional resources, information and useful materials, as well as access to an exclusive membership community only for programme participants.

On completing the PCN Plus course you will have;

      • Clarity in your role

      • Confidence to lead your PCN towards its vision

      • Tools and resources to manage effectively

      • Network of support

      • Levelled up your knowledge and expertise


Dr Hussain Gandhi

Clinical Director


Ben Gowland

Former NHS Chief Executive

Host of the General Practice Podcast

Experienced PCN Clinical Director Dr Hussain Gandhi, former NHS Chief Executive Ben Gowland and experienced PCN Manager Tara Humphrey, have joined forces to bring you PCN Plus.

Together they have a proven track record in leading general practices, primary care services and PCN Networks. Combining their expertise, to bring you PCN Plus, a leadership programme that speaks to the heart of the challenges and opportunities you will face as a PCN leader.

This is a practical course, underpinned by countless leadership, management, facilitation and quality improvement courses; a Masters in Business Administration in Health Care; thousands of hours of hands-on experience; and a plethora of leadership and management books and podcasts.

Investment & Registration

  • The cost of the course is £3,000 plus VAT/per person.

  • When completing our registration form you will have a tentative place on our programme. A formal place will only be confirmed after we have received FULL payment for the course.

  • No refunds will be issued after payment is made.

  • If you have any questions about the course, please contact pcnplus@outlook.com.