Facilitating And Accelerating Collaborative Working Between Practices

Ben provides support to practices across a whole town, supporting collaborative working.  Recent work in one town resulted (within the first six months) in:

  • Sign up to collaborative working from all of the practices in the town
  • Development of trust between the local practices, where historically relationships had been poor
  • A clear leadership team in place, with full support of all the practices
  • Shared understanding of the problems collaborative working could and would tackle, and an enthusiasm to make this happen
  • A clear plan to deliver extended access locally
  • And an agreement on “quick wins”, including a paramedic visiting service, in-practice clinical pharmacist support, and a development programme for practice nurses

Recent experience also includes working with all of the practices in another town.  Support was provided to enable the practices to determine how they could best respond to local challenges, identify their preferred future model of general practice, and working out how they could collectively achieve it.

“Ben has had a really positive impact on our Practice.  He started with gaining an understanding of the issues by using a comprehensive survey for all our staff.  He then facilitated a “Change Team” … It’s really brought us together and given us the head space to address some tricky problems … highly recommended” 

Karen Eastman, GP Partner at The Brow Medical Centre in Burgess Hill